What is RoboMaster?

RoboMaster is robotics competition for teams of aspiring engineers to design and build next-generation robots that compete in projectile based combat. The competition attracts close attention from hundreds of universities, nearly 1,000 high-tech enterprises, and thousands of fans from across the country. RoboMaster provides science and engineering students with the chance to combine theory with practice outside the classroom and become the innovators of tomorrow.

What we do


As the RoboMaster competition is constantly progressing, research and implementation of advanced technology is necessary to remain a competitive team. We aim to establish research partnerships with leading experts on artificial intelligence and robotics to expand our knowledge and proficiency of these key competition aspects.


Our team provides students with exposure to real world engineering designs and an appreciation for complex problem solving. With sub teams consisting of electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering, our team gives students the opportunity to apply concepts learned in class and help bridge the gap between educational and professional environments. In addition, our team encourages the development of team-work, communication, and other interpersonal skills which are critical to succeed in today’s society.


Queen’s University is recognized for its outstanding sense of community and we work hard to contribute to this exceptional culture. Queen’s RoboMaster strives to instill purpose and interpersonal connectivity in all team members. In addition, as one of only three Canadian teams, we’re proud to represent our country on an international level.

the team



Queen's RoboMaster relies on funding and technical guidance from within Queen's University and external sponsors. Manufacturing, hardware, materials, transportation, and software licenses are just some of the expenses the team has to pay. Support from donors helps the team to reach its full potential. If interested in supporting our team, please download the 2020 Sponsorship document to understand the detailed benefits and opportunties that Queen's RoboMaster can provide for your organization.

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